TR Petroleum provides various storage and dispensing solutions for both sale and rent 


We carry a wide range of fuel storage tanks manufactured by industry leaders for durability and maintenance free storage. Our environmentally safe tanks are suitable for use in every major industryoil and gas, mining, transportation, construction, waste management, bulk and retail storage and service, and more. We only supply double-walled UCC approved horizontal storage tanks in order to assure the utmost safety and environmental protection.

We have a wide range of sizes and multi-compartmental configurations to meet your needs. As an alternative to conventional dip stick to monitor the volume of your storage tanks we can provide both cellular and satellite tank monitoring systems. cellular and satellite tank monitoring systems remotely dip any fuel storage tank in order to give easy maintenance free accurate volume readings of your storage tank from anywhere in the world. Both our used and new fuel storage tanks are available for short, long or rent to own basis. Contact us for more info and pricing!




TR Petroleum can also provide a complete fuel dispensing solutions to get fuel from your storage to your equipment. We carry various pumps, meters, hoses, nozzles, filters, and housing to meet the demands of your operation.

Furthermore, we can equip card lock fueling systems to your fuel storage tank. In short, card lock fueling is fleet fuel management method that uses a fleet card to track and control fuel purchases. TR Petroleum proudly supplies GPI pumps an industry leader in fuel pumps, all of which are tested at -40° C and come with a 4-year warranty. Pumps are available in either AC or DC power and range from 15-35gpm (gallons per minute). Contact us for more info and pricing. 





We also specialize in renting on site fuel trucks. An on site fuel truck can be an excellent solution to fuel your operation. An on-site fuel truck can provide you with mobile refueling capabilities to schedule refueling at your convenience and turn down time into productivity. Additionally, we offer both trucks which do and do not require a 1A license to drive (with and without air brakes). Typically either single or tandem axle trucks are available with various tanks configurations available to meet both your quantity and product requirements. Trucks are available on short, long-term or rent to own basis, contact us for more info.


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