We supply the highest grade petroleum products across Saskatchewan.

TR petroleum supplies the top grade petroleum products, our fuel meets the strict quality standards of the Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB).  As Saskatchewan's largest Independent fuel distributor we deliver top grade fuel to all industries in all corners of Saskatchewan.

  • Bulk Fuel Delivery to any location, even remote regions of Saskatchewan

  • On site refueling for fast and convenient fueling of your essential equipment when you need it

  • 24-Hour reliable service

Unleaded Gasoline- Our ethanol-blended top grade gasoline improves performance and is better for your car and the environment. Our ethanol-blended gasoline have natural detergent properties which help aid your fuel system from sludge, deposits, with emission reductions, and sustainable engine performance. We wholesale our products from TopTier certified brands (such as; Petro-canada, Esso, Co-op) which meet the worlds premier standard for detergent gasoline performance. Ethanol is a renewable resource made from plant-based feedstock which contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Our unleaded gasoline are availed in two grades; regular 89 octane and premium level 91 octane for increased performance. 

Clear Diesel Fuel- is today's standard highway diesel fuel of choice. It burns cleaner than earlier low-sulphuryl blends (prior to 2006), resulting in lower sulphate emissions, less particulate matter by weight, and better air pollution control.

Dyed Diesel Fuel- is designed exclusively for off-road purposes. Therefore, it costs less because it is not subject to a tax premium. The dye in coloured diesel fuel easily distinguishes it from clear fuels that cost more.

Heating/Furnace Oil- is a clear, rose-tinted liquid that produces heat more safely and efficiently than ever before. Just like water, heating oil will actually extinguish a lit match that comes in contact with it. It is also cleaner-burning with less particulate emissions. This primarily used as fuel oil for furnaces and boilers in buildings for both commercial and residential use. 


As an Independent wholesaler, we source our petroleum products from multiple contract vendor which allows us to ensure supply security and flexibility


Our Fuel Service 


Once gasoline and diesel are ready for shipping from the refinery they are sent to product terminals via pipelines.

From product terminals, TR petroleum than trucks the fuels to commercial businesses and retail outlets. There is a multitude of safety systems, processes and mechanisms in place to ensure that products are transported safely to their destinations.

  • Automatic Tank Gauging & Strict Fuel Delivering Procedures

    • Preventing spills and overfills

  • Strict Potential Leak Investigation Procedures

    • Routine review of inventory

  • Ongoing Maintenance Procedures

    • Tank Inspections

    • Meter calibration

    • Line testing



TR Petroleum has what you need to keep your operation running


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