Lubrication Products

TR Petroleum offers a wide range of primarily Phillips 66 and Kendall lubricants products. From 1L retail sized containers to drums, we have what you need.

Phillips 66 is one of the largest finished lubricants suppliers in the United States. It manufactures and markets Phillips 66 and Kendall. These diverse brands share more than 400 years of lubricants industry experience, supplying a number of private label and original equipment throughout North America.

Phillips 66 Lubricants is firmly established in key lubricants markets, including automotive, trucking, agriculture, aviation, mining, industrial, power generation and construction.

What We Carry

12 X 1L Cases 3 x 3.78L Cases 18.9L Pails 208L Drums Other
  • Automatic Transmission Fluid
  • 2 cycle TC-W3
  • Fleet Supreme 15W-40
  • 5W-20
  • 5W-30
  • 10W-30
  • 5W-20 Synthetic
  • 5W-30 Synthetic
  • 10W-30 Synthetic
  • 0W-20 Synthetic
  • 10W-40
  • 80W-90
  • 5W-40
  • 15W-40
  • 5W-20
  • AW Hydraulic 15
  • AW Hydraulic 32
  • AW Hydraulic 68
  • 80W-90 Gear oil
  • Universal Tractor Oil
  • Power Tran Fluid
  • 5W-40 Synthetic
  • 0W-40 Synthetic
  • Fleet Supreme 15W-40
  • Syngard 75W-90
  • AW Hydraulic 32
  • AW Hydraulic 68
  • 15W-40 
  • Kleen Flo Conditioner
  • Air 1Def (9.5 L)
  • Air Def (1040L)
  • Brake Fluid (12 x 355ml)
  • Power steering Fluid (12 x 355ml)
  • #1 Winter Grease (10 x 397g)
  • #2 Summer Grease (10 x 397g)
  • #1 & #2 grease (120lb keg)
  • Windshield Bug Wash (6 x 4L)
  • Windshield -40°C Wash (6 x 4L)


*More products/sizes available upon request

Phillips 66 Industry extremely and Innovative Engine Protection

Phillips 66 Lubricants maintains extremely high product standards by consistently developing technologically advanced benchmark products. The introduction of Liquid Titanium protection additive to our Kendall passenger car motor oils and heavy-duty engine oils has given drivers and fleets an exclusive way to fight water and reduce friction. independent testing has confirmed a fuel economy benefit in passenger car engines and enhanced wear protection in heavy-duty engines.

TR Petroleum has what you need to keep your business running.

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