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TR Petroleum offers a wide range of product sizes. From 1L retail sized containers to drums, we have what you need.

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Fleet Charge
Long Life
Long Life 50/50
Diesel Conditioner
AW68-32 Hydraulic Oil
Gear Oil
Break Fluid

Power Steering Fluid
2 Cycle
Automatic Transmission Fluid
UNI Tractor
Windshield Washer Fluid*
Diesel Exhaust Fluid*
Full Synthetic Oil:
  • OW2O
  • OW4O
  • 5W2O
  • 5W3O
  • 5W4O
  • 10W3O
Conventional Oil:
  • 5W2O
  • 5W3O
  • 10W3O
  • CJ4 15W4O

* Unrelated Peak products

TR Petroleum Peak performance logo

TR Petroleum has what you need to keep your business running.

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